Insurance Coverage at the IPVE Event

Submission Dead line was: 31 July 2007

Epilogue of the IPVE Event Insurance Coverage

The 10th International Plant Virus Epidemiology (IPVE) symposium, which was held in Hyderabad, India, would not be successful had it not been for the special event insurance by the US-based entertainment insurance company FilmIns.

FilmIns is one of those unique companies that provide entertainment insurance. Not that we think there was anything remotely Hollywood-style or Bollywood-style entertaining about the IPVE symposium. As a matter of fact, it was only cerebrally entertaining. But truth be told, entertainment insurance is not just limited to the movies, it also encompasses entertainment events - practically any and all events that requires a bit of organizing - festivals and trade shows, concerts and special events, business meetings and conferences and symposia, sporting events, even weddings.

The organizers of the IPVE decided on taking out an insurance policy to cover the program from any and all risks, practically everything that could get in the way of the event becoming a success. FilmIns has been providing entertainment insurance for many years now, and all Bollywood productions have benefited from it customized insurance programs.

In the IVPE symposium, the organizers decided to take out FilmIns's all-risk insurance program and supplemented it with the insurance program for venues.

A typical entertainment insurance program practically buffers losses just in case an event is cancelled, or if the participants were injured (and the organizers are liable for paying the cost of medical attention), among other risks. Admittedly, since the event was held in India, the organizers feared that there would be many epidemiologists would not show up for the event since majority of the professionals in the epidemiology are based in far away United States and Europe. The revenue from registration fees would not have been enough if there were plenty of no-shows. The venue for the event, the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics or IPVE also had to be insured because the venue’s management required it.

All told, the turn out for the event was less than expected - many of those from Europe who signed up for the event did not show up. The symposium, however, was not less successful than expected since the leaders in the industry were all there, and majority of the issues related to epidemics arising from plant virus diseases were discussed.